One of the best times to install our fabulous water revitalization system is when a new home is being built.

GWP (GRANDER WATER PRODUCTS) is a distributor of world renowned Grander Water products because we believe that this incredible system will help ensure a healthier world for homes where the Grander Revitilization System has been installed.

    ELW management also realize that it’s important for us to remember that not only is drinking good water a wonderful bonus for our health, we use tap water for many functions throughout our day. This tap water is still full of chemicals:

  • We bathe in it on a regular basis
  • We use it for cleaning around our homes or commercial buildings
  • We add it to our lawns and gardens
  • We use it in our pools and hot tubs
  • We use it in our mechanical systems such as boilers, cooling units, and humidifiers
  • Therefore by incorporating the installation of a residential or commercial Grander unit into your new build project at the time of construction will allow you to offer many advantages to your customers, as well as helping you reduce your project’s eco footprint and aiding the environment.
    We invite you to check out our Testimonials page to view comments from happy Grander Water users!